Fascia training – that’s how important it is

Suppleness is not just about age. How flexible am I? This is a question you ask yourself again and again as you get older. It also increasingly affects the younger generation, who spend their daily lives due to the modern standard of living and the associated lack of exercise, whether at work, in the car, while eating or in the evening on the couch. Even when we sleep, we unconsciously adopt a bent posture. The consequence of this is that the musculature adapts to this incorrect posture. Misalignments and pressure on the joints thus cause a one-sided load and it leads to wear. If the muscle is stretched, adhesions, tensions and imbalances are released, as more oxygen can flow between the muscle fascia and the muscle again and at the same time pressure is taken off the joints.

Fasciae essentially determine our mobility and the performance of the muscle.

Maintain your suppleness! I will show you how to use the fascia stretching circuit, the fascia roller and fascia training to counteract increasing stiffness and thus become and remain supple and agile. Our fasciae function like the thin white skin of a grapefruit: the flesh is separated from it and held in a mesh. Just as this skin surrounds the fruit, our fascia surrounds and shapes the muscles.

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