Many people prefer to exercise in a group. Group dynamics, cohesion a common goal and communication are motivations for this type of training.

Even before the first group training session, an initial interview takes place. In the next step, a comprehensive diagnostic geared to your goals. The results will guide your customized group exercise or training program.

In addition to the desire to improve performance, it is often about ridding the body of imbalances and pain. This is done through targeted exercises to make your fascial connective tissues, muscles and joints more supple and mobile.

In the first group training sessions, you will precisely learn all the functional movement patterns you need for more advanced training sessions as well as for a pain-free life. You decide whether you want to attend more group training, which strengthens your condition and deep muscles or makes you more agile, or whether you want to build muscle in general, become more athletic and explosive. The different training contents of the group training leave nothing to be desired. Through regular re-checkups, you can make your successes measurable.


Arrange training now

Arrange training now