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Nowadays there are different approaches to what diet is best for us. In the process, people are deliberately misled into trying out as many trends as possible, only to find out in the end that our bodies have not been designed for such a diet for 2.5 million years due to our genes. The food industry pursues the goal of being able to offer food in the largest possible quantity and at the same time in the cheapest possible quantity. With food production designed for profit through new and artificial production methods, there is a proven lack of nutrients in our food. Some foods from these productions even have no nutrients at all.

I show you with a holistic approach how to integrate important and sufficient nutrients into your diet. How to manage to eat a balanced, healthy and wholesome diet without much effort. Here the supply of
high-quality vital substances
plays a large and very important role. The vital substance effect on our health has been proven in numerous studies and is being taught in new courses of study at specialized universities throughout Europe.

Nutrition for sports performance enhancement

Many people who participate in popular sports, such as soccer, tennis, athletics, etc., have acquired the predisposition to be well trained due to their years of training. However, in order to achieve best times and best performances, most people do not necessarily lack ambition, but rather the right diet to achieve an increase in performance. Let us illuminate the parameter of nutrition in the holistic context in your case and achieve your performance optimum.

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Before the start

Would you like to know what your body fat percentage, muscle mass, blood pressure and current metabolism are? By measuring, your feeling gets a value and our common way to the goal becomes clearer.

Inbody body analysis

Bodyscan takes advantage of the electrically conductive property of the human body and measures the composition of your body using the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method. In this way, you will precisely know your personal fat, bone, water and muscle percentage.

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The Bodyscan analysis at a glance:

In any case, if you want to gain lightness or shape your body, let’s take a closer look at these values. Make your diagnostic appointment now!

Metabolism check

Together we determine your personal metabolic profile.

The metabolicscan determines resting metabolic rate and individual metabolic profile, including fat and carbohydrate burning, through precise spirometric measurement.

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These results are indispensable for the creation of effective nutrition programs.

To lose body fat in a targeted way, you need to know when your body is in fat metabolism. The metabolicscan determines resting metabolic rate by spirometric measurement (respiratory gas analysis). With this measurement we learn what metabolic type you are and how you burn about 75% of your total energy. The evaluation of the data forms the optimal basis for a training and nutrition plan perfectly tailored to you and your body.

The Metabolicscan analysis at a glance:

In any case, if you want to optimize your body weight or silhouette, we will take a closer look at these values. Make your diagnostic appointment now!

Heart stress test

Perceived stress is not the same as measured stress.

A 4-point ECG (two per wrist and ankle) checks and evaluates all relevant cardiac risk factors in a few minutes. The individual stress index as well as the fitness level provide well-founded results. The resulting recommendations enable safe and efficient training.

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The Cardiocscan analysis at a glance:

Many people feel it – but only a valid checkup can give us certainty. Long-term stress or even lack of sleep is detrimental to our health. When aiming to lose weight, stress is not infrequently one of the main preventing causes. Do you want to give value to your feeling? Make your diagnostic appointment now