training forms

Find your personal training path with me

There are different forms of training I can work with to help you reach your fitness goals. The first step is an initial interview with anamnesis. Afterwards, in the next step, I recommend a comprehensive diagnostic focused on your goals. The results will guide your customized exercise or training program.

In conventional fitness training, it is usually the external, large muscles that are trained. With MB Athletics, you train from the inside out, so to speak. An activated deep musculature and the relearning of natural movement patterns are the basis. As a result, you will be able to optimize your physical performance.

Depending on whether your goals are to lose weight, build muscle for everyday life or be more powerful in a sport. Don’t hesitate, get in touch and get moving!

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Before the start

3 different diagnostic methods

Would you like to know what your body fat percentage, muscle mass, blood pressure and current metabolism are? By measuring, your feeling gets a value and our common way to the goal becomes clearer.

Inbody body analysis

Heart stress level measurement

Metabolism analysis