10 minutes vibration training

is not only pleasant but also highly effective

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Originally, vibration training was developed for astronaut training in weightlessness. But today we use the highly effective training to improve coordination and strengthen deep muscles. With just a few exercises on the vibration plate, tube (rubber bands), additional weights and / or whole-body exercises can be used to specifically act on the deep muscles, ligaments and tendons, thus activating their supportive function.

It is the vibrations of the plate that make this form of training one of the most effective there is. The entire musculature is engaged in its function as a stabilizer of the body. Another positive feature of vibration training is that it is extremely easy on the joints.

The vibrations train and tone the passive musculoskeletal system ( capsule, ligaments, tendons ) and prevent possible injuries.

Depending on the goal, together we will release tension, increase your flexibility and strength, and find your old balance again.